The heroes of Freedom Force face everyday problems: misunderstanding girlfriends, personal insecurity, and deadlines at work while at the same time they are sworn to protect an untrusting public. Joe and Jane Citizen can only stare in awe as the awesome power of these new super folk is unleashed at their very doorstep.

Led by MinuteMan, with the noble and mysterious advice of the noble Mentor, the team is put to the test against an ever more deadly series of villains. And they face trials within the team and within themselves. A testy love triangle forms between Alche-Miss, Eve and El Diablo. The Bullet and Man o' War can't seem to get along. And Minuteman is faced with the constant struggle of keeping the team together against overwhelming odds and an unappreciative public. The world may need Freedom Force... but is it ready for them?










From common thugs looking for a cheap buck, to Communist spies lending their new-found superpowers to the struggle of the Cold War, to cosmically powered demigods, the lineup of bad guys facing our team is an awesome sight to behold.