Freedom Force V1.2 Patch

This patch contains a number of minor bug fixes and tuning modifications. The patch is a 6Mb download available from FilePlanet, FileShack, GameHelper and, amongst others.

The v1.2 patch can be found through the following links:

Note: this patch replaces the v1.1 patch, so you can install it directly or over the top of an already patched game.

Freedom Force Demo

Includes two missions, including a training mission with Minuteman, and the first part of mission four, in which four heroes do battle with the frosty minions of Nuclear Winter aboard a frozen aircraft carrier! The custom power builder and character generator are also included. Create a custom character and try it out in the game! The demo is avaiable here in both large [89,522Kb] and small [57,408Kb] file sizes. The large demo includes music and high quality sound. The small demo doesn't include music and has lower quality sound.

Download large demo:
3D Gamers | Fileplanet
Download small demo:
3D Gamers | Fileplanet