Before you begin, please read the Do's and Don'ts of Modding

Spend some time with the documentation below to orient yourself in the art of mod creation. This website features both official documentation provided by Irrational Studios, as well as user-created docs offering a more varied palette of instruction. For further information about the editing tools, contact Eric Dieter.

FFEdit Documentation
The first step in creating your own mod. Here you will learn everything you need to create your first custom mission, guided by an easy to follow tutorial through the FFEdit environment. There's a helpful FAQ included. (Requires TestMod)

Freedom Force Scripting
List of all the commands you’ll need to give your missions life. Create a cutscene, spawn more enemies, set objectives and prestige, all using the powerful Python scripting engine.)

AI classes and their functions.

Art Processes Documentation
Useful reference for anyone wanting to customize their game.


Custom Menu Background
Instructions from the 4-Eyed Avenger on how to alter the background image displayed on the game's menu.

Backing up Custom Files
How to reliably back-up your Freedom Force custom files by The Unbeatable Silencer.

Custom FX Installation
Check this out to learn how to get those custom FX installed. By Rowanstaff.

Episode Release tutorial
by The 4-Eyed Avenger.

Speech Installation
Check this out to learn how to get those custom speech files installed. By Firestorm.

Meshes & Skins

Skin Installation Tutorial
Zed walks us through the process of installing custom skins. Complete with visual aids and branching instructions.