Tribes Gets Great Reviews!

Tribes came out this week and reviews have been great. In addition to the IGN and GameZone reviews cited below in the mid-week update, Bob Colayco of GameSpot calls Tribes "a game that excels in just about every aspect" and Nathan McIntyre of Warcry says "Let's just say the day I got the game, I played it for about eight hours solid. In addition, the game has kept me coming back over and over for the multiplayer aspect as well. This is definitely a game whose entertainment value is worth your hard earned cash." He also says you are "cheating yourself" if you don't try Tribes. The Irrational team worked hard to live up to the illustrious Tribes legacy and the fan community's expectations. We wanted to stay true to the franchise while adding a few of our own touches like a fairly involved storyline and a full single-player campaign. The team is very psyched that people are enjoying the game.

We want to thank the many fans who played the multiplayer beta and gave us such good feedback. This was extremely useful and we made many changes based on the issues the community pointed out. I really can't overemphasize the importance of this. The game is for the fans and we want them to have as much of what they want as possible. There is still no official change log but here are a few examples of what we fixed due to player feedback: tweaks to the water skiing function, map adjustments, increase in lateral mobility, and alterations to the tournament mode. This list is just a small sample of what was changed, but you get the idea.

Work is still going on to help ship the localized versions of Tribes for the U.K., Germany, and Korea. Getting the game to work in different languages (one even has different characters) has been a fun challenge. The Australian team is also involved in an official Tribes competition. Last I heard they were undefeated, which is a good thing considering they did develop the game!

-- Meredith Levine