Announcing Bioshock!

Late last week, Gamespot ran an excellent System Shock II Retrospective. On Friday, they carried the announcement of IG's newest baby, BioShock!

We are thrilled by the response from the gaming community. Fan support means a lot to everyone who works on games and the excitement about BioShock made us even more psyched to go to work on the game. It is great to know that the community shares our enthusiasm for BioShock. There are over a thousand posts on various gaming sites. A huge thread even appeared on SlashDot!

Here are some highlights:

From Tortus on IGF: "this game sounds incredible! I'm really REALLY glad that Irrational in particular are taking the next step in emergent gameplay."

From dextius on Shack News: "Bioshock hits home. I simply cannot wait?this game is going to rule."

From Operative 21 on Penny Arcade: "Pinch me. I must be *X#%@ dreaming. I must be. This is just too damn good to be true."

From elravager on Evil Avatar: "HELL YEAH! Open-ended and emergent are two of my FAVORITE buzzwords! This announcement ROCKS!"

Since Friday, three fan sites have already cropped up on the Internet. Check out TTLG's site, Genetic Nemesis, and the first German BioShock page . I don't speak German, so I have no idea what it actually says, but it looks good to me!

-- Meredith Levine