Freedom Fans Forums Gets New Moderator

Hi, I'm Eric Dieter, the new moderator here in the Freedom Force Universe. I'm now your go-to guy when it comes to all things Freedom Force. Any questions about Forum Rules, Freedom Force Modding, Community Issues or questions about the Freedom Fans site should go to me. I can be reached at

Now you might ask, "who is this Eric Dieter guy and why the heck is he the moderator?" Well, IG tapped me to moderate for several reasons. First of all, I'm the writer of the upcoming Freedom Force comic book that was just announced. I'm both a huge fan of the Freedom Force universe, and know an unseemly amount about the characters, the world and the games and where they are going. I'm also plugged directly into Freedom Force scribe Ken Levine and conceptual artist Robb Waters, so I've got the inside line straight to the Freedom Fortress. I won't always be able to spill all the beans, but if info is available, I'll know it!

The second reason IG brought me on is that I have an extensive background as a modder. Amongst other projects (for companies such as Relic), I did extensive work on the award-winning Antioch Chronicles mod for StarCraft.

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of our friends in the Freedom Force community, and helping prepare the fanbase for the upcoming launch of Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich, the Freedom Force comic and all the other cool things in the world of Freedom Force. We're also looking forward to selecting winners for the "Calling All Heroes" contest (see as well as letting you in on some cool secrets (wait till you hear about the bonus content for those who pre-order FFV3R through the IG website!).

Hope to hear from you all soon. Until then---For Freedom!

--- Eric Dieter