My First Look at Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich

Last night I got my first look at a near-alpha of Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich. The game has a ton of new features, characters, and technical improvements over the first game. Better AI, the introduction of dynamic lighting, textures and real character shadows bring an entirely new look to the game. Ken has been talking about these enhancements happening for a long time, but to see them in action is another thing all together. The team's true love of comic books comes through in every aspect of the game, from the dialog, to the sound, to the last primary-colored texture map. Check out recent previews from GameSpy and GameSpot.

In other Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich news, the contest we announced a few weeks ago is plowing right along. We have had a tremendous response and are currently reviewing entries. Some team favorites so far include: "O The Humanitee", a half woman/half manatee with the power to control water and regenerate in the sun. Another very cool entry is "London Fog", a WWII spy who accidentally picked up some Energy X while tracking members of the Third Reich in a dense fog. This rather fortunate incident allows him to become intangible. And then there is "Rockabilly" and his trusty guitar "Grace". Both are imbued with the power of Energy X and together their music has the power to enrage or transfix foes. Thanks to our very dedicated and talented fan community, these are just a few out of many very cool entries.

And finally, the Freedom Force comic book will be out in January 2005. Irrational has been busy picking cover art for the six-issue mini-series, which will be published by Image Comics, written by Eric Dieter and drawn by Tom Scioli. Pre-orders are available starting October 27. For more information check out the press release.

I would also like to welcome Eric Dieter as the new Irrational moderator on Please be nice to him, he has an unnatural amount of knowledge about the comic book and games industries. Sometimes he freaks out Ken and Robb by telling them very obscure bits of Freedom Force trivia that they had long forgotten. He's a dedicated Freedom Force junkie who feels right at home in the FF community.

-- Meredith Levine