Pre-order Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich at and get a very special treat!

No overarching theme this week, just a bunch of fun little Irrational Games tidbits:

In the very near future Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich will be available for pre-order on this very site. If you, fabulous fan of freedom, pre-order the game here, you will be justly rewarded. The Irrational team is busy whipping up a disk complete with special, only available here, bonus content. This disk will include brand new 1970's versions of three Freedom Force heroes! Remember that although Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich will be available in stores next year, you can only get this additional content if you pre-order from us.

Now for the Irrational-Games-in-the-news segment: IGN named Tribes: Vengeance a Game of the Month. We are honored, of course. Favorite quote:

"When you combine the fantastic single player story with the tried and true gameplay design, you get a title that benefits from years of refinement and iterations while also offering up a completely new experience you haven't seen before."

Tribes continues to do well out there in the high stakes world of sequels of games that have a dedicated and hard core following. We loved the game (surprise!) but were holding our breath for the fan and media reaction. I think I speak for everyone at IG when I say that the press and the fans absolutely rock and we very much appreciate all the support.

In other IG news, System Shock 2 was named one of GameSpy's Top Ten Scariest Games.In honor of Halloween Allen Rausch counted down his favorites. The article includes the following helpful suggestion:

"Play this game with the lights out and a pair of headphones on. You'll thank us."

This game even scared the crap out of people who worked on it and I would like to say that I am very proud of the team for creating a game that people still talk about five years after it came out.

-- Meredith Levine