Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich Scores a Cover!

Today was a very big day at Irrational. We got a sneak look at the special January Comic Book Issue of Computer Games (we get to see things early because we're, you know, special). On the cover- a shot of Mentor, master of the mind, and brand new Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich character, Green Genie. Robb Waters worked his butt off on this cover and had to contend with a lot of fun "help" from various people at Irrational like "can you move the edge of that flying carpet up an 86th of a centimeter?" The magazine also devotes a full seven pages to a preview of Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. Author Brett Todd clearly took the time to understand the game and goes into a fair amount of detail about the new and improved graphics, multiplayer and AI.

Brett opens the article with a description of our Boston office as "shabby chic". All right, so it is a bit ghetto, but hey Southie is an up and coming area! Anyway we love it, so that's what counts. Brett calls the first Freedom Force a "love letter to 1960's era Silver Age superheroes". I just want to interject here and say that I really appreciate when people get that the game is a love letter. I mean I live with a man who has devoted a very large walk in closet to his comic collection. Ken loves, I mean really, really loves comic books. This is serious business for him and he poured all of that love into making these games. Of course Ken is one of many people at Irrational who really love comics but I don't live with them so I can't really speak on the subject.

So anyway, back to the article: Brett goes on to say that Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich "captures the Nazi-smashing spirit of the Golden Age" and that "Robb Waters has nailed the look of the era". He also calls the art in the new game "plenty impressive". Plus the oft-quoted associate producer Bill Gardner adds that this is the story where "We'll finally pop the lid off all of FFv3R's multiplayer goodness. Look for something so special, it will make you forget all the pain and misery that is the dreadful burden of existence."

Clearly, Bill Gardner has a dark side.

Look for the mag (and more of Bill's existential ennui) in the weeks to come.

-- Meredith Levine