Freedom Force Comic Available for Pre-Order and SWAT Mini/Multi Beta Reactions

First of all, as I subtly mentioned in the title, the second issue of the Freedom Force Comic is now available for pre-order on page 144 of the December issue of Previews. You can still pre-order the first issue at your local comic book store. Now you ask, why should I pre-order something that I can just plain go out and buy? Well, because the more pre-orders we get for the comic, the more excited the publisher gets. When the publisher gets excited they agree to print and distribute more comics, which means they sell more comics. This of course makes it more likely that there will be future Freedom Force comics. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and pre-order the darn thing already! Mentor needs a new pair of shoes!

A limited one-level multiplayer Beta of SWAT 4 went up over the holiday weekend so people could play the game while in a nice turkey coma. If you were one of the lucky few that got into the Beta, don't forget to let us know what you think by posting on one of the forums. We really pay attention to what fans say. This isn't a promise that every issue brought up by everyone will be addressed (we aren't blessed with that kind of funding) but we do our best and trust me that your opinion does matter.

Of course, we love just plain flattery also. On the TeamWarfare site one fan calling himself "novEmb3R" says, "I am awestruck by this game". He doesn't go into detail so I am working on the assumption that he is awestruck in a good way. Also, Voodoo Extreme refers to the SWAT Beta as "Tactical action excellence". We're inclined to agree.

In other Irrational news, we have wrapped up the Freedom Force Calling All Heroes contest and the team is hard at work reviewing the entries. They are having a great time reading what the community came up with and we'll have a winner soon!

-- Meredith Levine