Vague Hints for the New Year

Okay, so it's a slow week, we admit it. I suspect gamers are generally thinking more about what awaits them Christmas morning than next year, but that didn't stop HomeLAN from interviewing Ken about the games of 2004 and his hopes for 2005. That's game hopes, not hopes in general.

As for Irrational, well, there's some good news and the bad news. The good news is that we're working on a whole raft of incredibly cool things that have got the various teams buzzing. The bad news is we can't really talk about any of them yet! We are putting the finishing touches on projects you already know about and doing preliminary work on ones you haven't heard of yet. All teams are working hard on something but it's not a frantic "this game must be done in four days or the publisher will insist we join a real life game of GTA:San Andreas where we play those random people who get run over in the street" kind of working hard.

This no man's land is actually a good place to be. It is a fairly calm time where everyone can take stock of the work they have done, read the reviews, wallow in a general sense of well-being and take some of their much needed comp time. There is a lot on the horizon for Irrational, games that many people have been thinking about making for years, games that would just be a fantastic fit with the company. Now if only they'd let me write about it!

-- Meredith Levine