Pre-Ordering Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich straight From Irrational Will Make Your Life Complete! (or at the very least, snag you a whole bunch of exclusive FF goodies!)

That's right, Fans of Freedom! The brand new online Irrational store is in testing and should be ready very soon. That means you can pre-order Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich, which when you get it right from Irrational comes with a very cool bonus disk. I will be sure to let everyone know as soon as the store is good to go. And remember, ordering from the online store is the only way to get the bonus disk. And what's on the disk? Something you won't find in stores, something you won't find anywhere but here. Stop teasing us, you say? Watch this space, Fans of Freedom...

Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich was named one of the top RPGs of 2005 by RPGDot . Author Brian Turner calls the first Freedom Force "a revelation" and says that

"Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich promises improved graphics through the upgraded GameBryo engine, more hero creation options and special attention to the multiplayer modes, along with a classic comic-book story involving time-travel and Nazis---what more could you ask?"

Another article looking ahead to 2005 (this one on IGN) mentions three Irrational Games, one of which will remain nameless here but you can always go check out the article if you want to know. Dan Adams has this to say:

"Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich also bashes its way onto the scene with some seriously upgraded graphical prowess mixed with the style of art and gameplay that fans of the original enjoyed so very much."

In other stuff, Irrational is well aware of the very unfortunate fact that Service Pack 2 for Windows broke the first Freedom Force. According to my insider source (ok, it's Ken) "we have been balancing plates on our heads trying to get it fixed and get Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich out the door". Ken would also like to thank the community for their patience while we deal with this problem and he promises a fix soon after the release of FFv3R to ensure, and I quote, "a non-stop Freedom Force love fest".

And finally, good news for Tribes fans who weren't sure if they wanted to shell out for the new game and are still ponderin'. Vivendi and Irrational released a brand new Tribes:Vengeance demo that gives a real sense of what the game is about. In a nutshell, that means giant open spaces to explore, jetpacks (who doesn't like a jetpack?) and storytelling. So, if you haven't checked out Tribes, or if you hated the first demo, check this one out. It's a whole different experience.

And finally: Pre-Order the Darn Freedom Force Comic!

The first issue will be out on January 19th and I hear that there are a mere 850 copies left. This means, of course, that if you want one you should order it now since when these are gone they are gone! Author Eric Dieter tells me that fans should NOT wait for a trade paperback collection since there is no guarantee that there will be one. And look at the first three covers, how can you resist?

So, just stroll into your local comic store ( find it here) and order the comic. Or you can buy it at one of these online shops. Eric promises readers "double the action" in the second issue. I won't give away any of the plot but trust me, you should check it out.

-- Meredith Levine