Freedom Force Comic Earns Critical Acclaim and "Is being 'big in Europe' like having a girlfriend in Canada?"

First I want to thank everyone for pre-ordering Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich on the Irrational site. We have had a great response and everyone here is very excited for the game to come out. So keep those pre-orders coming, it's worth it for those exclusive Bronze Age characters! Plus if you hurry you could still get in on the signed concept art!

Ken and I are back from a crazy trip to Europe where we visited something like 8 cities in one week and showed Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich off to the press in Germany, France, and England. It was an insane week but very exciting to see how well the international press responded to the game.

Thanks to the lovely weather in New England, we were trapped in London for an extra day. What would you do with a free day in one of the most exciting cities in the world? Theater? Music? Fine dining? Well, we went to a comic book store, a really nice one, but still... While there I caught my first glimpse of the finished Freedom Force comic and it is awesome. I realize I have expressed that opinion before but the whole finished thing just rocks and I was unreasonably excited to actually see it on the shelf. Reviews have started to come in and so far so good! Check out this one from on the 4th Rail by Randy Lander. A few of my favorite quotes: "A great comic, in fact one of the best I read this week." ..."if you like your villains super and your heroes wearing bright gaudy costumes and shouting out slogans as they pummel their opponents to the tune of giant sound effects, than boy are you in for a treat."

Sean Fahey of calls the comic a "personal dream come true" and says:

"Writer Eric Dieter skillfully manages to capture the essence and personalities of these amazing characters"

"Visually, you could not have a more inspired choice for this book than Tom Scioli. His Kirby-esque style is perfectly suited for this material"

"It's a real joy to finally see the likes of The Minuteman, El Diablo, Man-Bot and The Mentor grace the pages of an actual comic book and I would love to see these characters eventually get their own monthly series."

In other news, Bioshock was #1 on GameSpot last week. That's for unique users, mind you!

Also, SWAT 4 and Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich both made GameSpy's Most Wanted Games of 2005. We also couldn't help but notice while in England that both SWAT 4 and BioShock had made PC Zone's top games of 2005 list, too. Crikey!

--- Meredith Levine