Butt Heads with Irrational!

In the wide world of SWAT 4, Irrational and Gamepsy are running a SWAT 4 Ladder. This means that throughout March players battle each other in the SWAT 4 Beta to earn the chance to play against Irrational. I would be very afraid, from what I have seen the IG team will be some hard-core competition. Also, given how seriously humiliating it would be to lose your own game, I think the guys are going to be prepping for this one. According to Joe Faulstick, "We're gonna eat 'em alive!". In SWAT interviews we have GamersInfo.net with a brief but informative SWAT 4 Q&A with Bill Gardner. Also, 3D Avenue talks with aforementioned cannibal Joe Faulstick about SWAT 4.

Check out the brand new SWAT 4 movie at FileShack

Also, on the other small screen, SWAT 4 was featured on the show X-Play which appears on G4. The next showing is on the 19th at 7pm EST so be sure to tune in.

We're are still on our post game release buzz. That involves mainly waiting with high levels of anxiety as each review comes out and going to various stores to see if the game is in stock. It's a little ridiculous but I think when we put so much of ourselves into something it is just really satisfying to see it on an actual shelf in an actual store.

Since there is no rest for the weary game developer, Irrational is already off on new and exciting stuff. As you have likely guessed, I am not allowed to talk about any of it yet but I promise it's all good and I swear you will know absolutely as soon as I am allowed to divulge anything.

So, back to what I can discuss! Here are the latest reviews:

MyGamer gives Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich a 9.4/Marvelous. Author Brandon Whipple says:

"Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is tremendous fun. The graphics, sound, story, and customization are top-notch. Most importantly, however, the gameplay is amazing. Everything else just comes together, and it turns out terrific...Comic lovers and game lovers alike will be entertained for hours by this super hero-themed title. Definitely pick this one up."

On InsideGamerOnline author Kevin VanOrd gives the game a 9.0 and say it has an "incredible embarrassment of pleasures" and:

"Our recommendation really couldn't be more glowing: there is nothing not to like about Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. It's colorful, funny, and an absolute blast to play, offering more gaming thrills than the proverbial barrel of monkeys."

I've never personally experienced a barrel of monkeys although I imagine they would be quite a lot of fun. I like monkeys-a lot. We have this essentially all-monkey zoo near us and poor Ken has to take me there several times a year. They train helper monkeys there, it's a brilliant cause and really, I was surprised to find out that helper monkeys actually exist. Who would have thought?

Ok, that was WAY off track, back to gaming. There have been a lot of interviews lately, which is a great thing. For people interested in the gaming industry these are an excellent way to get a peek inside. You can learn tons about the developer, the game itself, and the process of production. That said, there were two interviews with Ken this week:

In this one, at The Armchair Empire

Ken talks about Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich and the development process. I thought it was really interesting, and I hear this stuff all the time! The second one over at GameShark focuses more on the game itself and is also quite interesting.

--- Meredith Levine