Swarm! Swarm!

Ken and I got back from vacation to a swarm of great press and a shiny new PSP waiting in the office. I know this is an Irrational Games column but that thing is seriously amazing. It plays movies, and they look really, really good!

In internal news, Irrational will soon have a brand new home in lovely Quincy, MA, conveniently located next to a comic book store, which I am sure we will all be frequenting for business reasons only.

As most of you know, SWAT is shipping soon, as in go to your local EB or Gamestop on Wednesday and buy the damn thing! As for the swarm of great press that I referred to, the first reviews have started to come out and I will warn you that as Bill pointed out, I am one to "throw around quotes" although I will try to keep them brief!

Dan Adams of IGN says "SWAT 4 is a terrific game from a company that simply keeps gaining trust in my mind."

Our friends over at 10-David have posted scans of the UK PC Zone review of SWAT. PC Zone says "Irrational has done an absolute bang up job"! Sal Accardo at GameSpy gave the game a 4.5/5!

Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich is still going strong:

Our European distributor, Digital Jesters has just launched a fun little Freedom Force game, which is free on their site

Also, be sure to check out this BioWare interview with Ken. It's all about Modding in Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich.

Shawn Sines of FileFront was nice enough to give the game a 5/5 and say that "Freedom Force Vs. the Third Reich is a great strategy game, a great RPG and most of all the best super hero game on the market."

Robert Coffey Computer Gaming World hands us Five out of Five stars! Robert says "Like a great movie, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is the rare product that leaves you glowing with delight long after you've finished it. Twice."

GameShark's James Fudge calls Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich "the kind of game that makes you want to go out and buy a geeky t-shirt... with the logo prominently displayed to let the world know that you love this game."

And finally, Andrew Bub of Yahoo!Games has this to say: "One of the finest story-driven role-playing games available on the PC." And "a comic book guy's dream come true, a delight for strategy/RPG fans, and wannabe superheroes all over the world."

Mr. Bub... you're a hero to me... (Sigh).

-- Meredith Levine