SWAT 4 in Stores! Yeah Baby!

That’s right folks, SWAT 4 can now be found in your very own neighborhood game store, or online of course. If you happen to go to an EB you will notice that our distributor Vivendi has been thoughtful enough to include our games as part of the Vendor of the Month. This means that there are big SWAT 4 cutouts and lots and lots of copies of Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich and SWAT 4 in highly prominent locations.

Everyone at the company and all their husbands/wives, etc. are out partying as we speak. I however, have a cough that sounds like I have a serious problem with unfiltered cigarettes so I am home watching movies and eating cake. Lovely, I know. But anyway, I am sure someone will pass out on a retro arcade Ms. Pacman anytime now and seriously, they deserve to. The group worked incredibly hard on SWAT and damn, that game looks good!

Although it was mysteriously not mentioned to me by any of my usual in-company sources, I happened to glance at FilePlanet and noticed that a group called Clan Unseen Threat completely kicked Irrational’s butt on the SWAT 4 ladder. Or, to use File Planet’s term, we got obliterated”. All the trash talk at IG, all the threats and we got beaten at our own game! Seriously guys, how humiliating! You can read a Q & A with the winners at 10-David

In better news, SWAT continues to get excellent reviews (I guess the IG team can do something right.) In the interest of space, I am going to limit myself to my absolute favorites this week:

GameArena GameArena was nice enough to say "SWAT 4 is an exquisitely crafted gem that deserves your money"

IGN has a video review which calls SWAT 4 a really great game with good environments, good sound, good graphic, and really exciting gameplay. This is definitely something I would recommend to anyone who likes tactical shooters.

Vivendi is running a very cool sweepstakes in which in the winner gets a trip for 2 to a Las Vegas resort for SWAT training. I highly recommend that you enter because seriously, how fun would it be to tell your boss you need some time off for SWAT training?

In Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich press: WorthPlaying has a new review of FFV3R, a review that made me so happy with its 9.7 that it gets two quotes:

Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich is such a fantastic game that I've missed sleep, meals, outings, and very nearly missed writing this review by the deadline all so I could keep "testing" it.

Freeedom Force vs. The Third Reich is not just the best superhero game to date, but it defines what a fantastic superhero game should be.

Today we are going on a field trip to see Aliens of the Deep on IMAX, something I have been looking forward to for an embarrassingly long time. Working for a game company rocks.

-- Meredith Levine