Tribes:Vengeance Moving Towards Gold

Greetings from Irrational Games! Let me start by introducing myself: my name is Meredith Levine, and being the wife of Irrational's General Manager and Creative Director Ken Levine, I can bring you the inside scoop on all the goings on here. I will be chasing people at Irrational around every week to get the latest info on what's going on in the company. So here goes...

It has been crazy busy here - in a good way.

We are now putting the finishing touches on Tribes:Vengeance. Most of the artists have finished and the features are all in place. The programmers are working their butts off to fix bugs and the designers are ensuring that they wring every last gram of fun (hey, we are on the metric system out in Australia) out of the levels. For Tribes producer Tony Oakden, life consists primarily of monitoring the bug database and making sure everything stays on track. We are finishing up focus testing and by the end of the weekend we should have implemented all design changes.

For an excellent and detailed preview of Tribes multiplayer, check out the article by Jakub Wojnarowicz on

I have developed a big crush on him for such quotes as:

"The dev team has really done everything right"
"All in all, Tribes: Vengeance looks not only like the best Tribes game ever, but the best multiplayer shooter we've seen."

Also be sure to check out John Callaham's (of HomeLAN) impressions of Tribes single player mode. We are making good progress on both Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich and SWAT and will have more details on those project here in the future.

Check in every Friday for more Irrational news!

--- Meredith Levine