The Reviews Keep Coming!

22 April 2005 -- This Week at Irrational with Meredith Levine

The Reviews Keep Coming!

It’s been a kind of slow week in the wide world of game reporting. Not slow here at IG though. People are keeping up the usual mad pace that is game development but yeah, I still can’t talk about any of that. So here’s what I dug up in reviews this week:

Game Informer Magazine reviewed SWAT 4 in their May issue and awarded it the PC Game of the Month:

"The level of immersion here is unbelievable, exhibiting way more substantive edge of your seat thrills than anything Hollywood has offered up."

Console Gold has an excellent, very detailed, and very complimentary review of SWAT 4. It earned a 90% and comments like:

"Sierra and Irrational (Games) have done a fantastic job with SWAT IV. The gripping levels, native difficulty, realistic (and sometimes disturbing) situations, and all around fun gameplay combine into a fantastic game. Add in multiplayer support (and the ability via other programs to include voice chat), and you have a team based FPS that’ll keep you entertained for a long time."

GameSpot has an interesting interview with some of the SWAT team so check it out if you like to hear the inside scoop on what goes on in game development.

As for Freedom Force, a few reviews are still trickling in. My favorite of the week was 3D Accelerated’s in which reviewer Matthew Prato rated FFV3R a 4.4 out of 5 and "Awesome"

"The story line and humor will all suck you into the storyline like a bee to its hive."

"If you are looking for an extremely fun, cartoon based game, this is definitely going to be one of the best."

That’s all for this week but I will leave you with this marginally relevant article from Slate. It relates to SWAT teams (the real ones) and monkeys. It’s an obvious lame attempt by me to fit monkey information into this column but trust me, it’s interesting.

--- Meredith Levine