29 April 2005 -- This Week at Irrational with Meredith Levine


First I would like to apologize for last week's column not being up until Monday evening. Things got pretty insane over here and well, the whole thing just slipped. Better the column than the games!

Now, onto bigger and much, much better things. That's right folks, SWAT 4 made the NPD Group's list of the top ten best selling PC games for the week of April 16th! Congratulations to the team on this fantastic news.

Irrational Lord of Programming, Chris Kline brought to my attention the very interesting comments of Scott Straub, a real live member of the Fort Wayne Indiana SWAT Team:

"SWAT 4 has some great realism. I was impressed with the training session. Some of the advice from the "instructor" was very true to life. The weapons are accurately reproduced. The characters reactions and actions are great too...Thankfully not every operation we are on has so many hardcore, and out of control psychos to deal with. ?Since SWAT 4 would not be as entertaining without the diehards, I have to say that it is a fairly accurate representation of worstcase scenarios. The fact that you can successfully "soften-up" your targets and make apprehensions without always resorting to lethal force makes it a thinking game as well as an action game. The combo really hits the nail on the head."

For European fans of Freedom Force, FFV3R just came out over there and is getting great reviews. One lovely article in GamesRadar (the online version of the PC Gamer UK)leads with "PC Gamer needed a hero. It found twelve?" and goes on to even bigger and better things like "Freedom Force vs the Third Reich is brilliant, one of the best games of the year so far. For the past days I've been giggling at my PC, demanding everyone in the office watch as I bash men, tanks, and brains-in-jars. They don't need the encouragement." And "Freedom Force is stylish. Freedom Force is witty. Freedom Force is clever. Freedom Force is... fun?It's inspired. It's genius. It's superb"

Oh, sweet, mysterious British reviewer, you're the real genius.

--- Meredith Levine