SWAT Awarded Game of the Month!

Much has happened in the last two weeks. First I would like to say thank you and goodbye to Micha Van Hessen who served as VUG's SWAT 4 Community Coordinator. Micha was a volunteer who managed the forums and worked very hard to spread the word about SWAT. According to Irrational Associate Produce Joe Faulstick, "Micha has managed to generate a ton of buzz for SWAT and help form a bridge between IG and the fan community". So thanks Micha!

There are lots of great new SWAT reviews out there along with a brand new SWAT trailer http://www.gametab.com/news/267536/ available for your viewing pleasure.

Best of all, SWAT was named IGN's PC Game of the Month . Congrats to the team, this is fantastic news and a real honor:

"Why We Picked It: The bar is very high in the tactical shooter rena right now. Back when Rainbow Six and SWAT first burst on to the scene, they stood apart merely on the basis of their concepts -- ultra realistic, squad-based games that emphasized real tactics. A host of imitators have followed this same model over the past few years but this latest sequel from Irrational Games should send them running scared.

(Irrational is) not known for making games that are anything less than spectacular. The attitude of this game never wears thin, and the excitement of each level never wavers, even after you've played through them a dozen times. (Trust us; we know this to be true.) Trying to get through a mission with as little loss of life as possible for both you and the criminals makes for some really exciting gameplay."

Additionally, Tom's Hardware Guide has a lengthy, detailed review with lots of great screen shots and Adrenaline Vault gives the game 4/5 stars.

I am very pleasantly surprised that reviews of Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich are still coming. Here are my favorites:

  • GameAxis gives the game a 9/10 and says "Irrational's out to bring another runaway success with this one."
  • Gaming Nexus gives FFV3R a 9.1/10 and author Tyler Sager awards it an Editor's Choice. He also addresses the eternal dilemma of "do these tights make my ass look big?" (No Tyler, your ass looks great.) Tyler also says "this game is a complete blast. I highly recommend this to fans of the original, and to anyone with even a mild interest in superhero games. Heck, it's also quite a solid squad-based strategy game, so those leery of the superhero genre could be brought into the fold. In short, give this game a try."
  • Game Chronicle Magazine also gives the game a 9/10 and an Editor's Choice award. "Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich is one of those titles that truly show the love and affection of a development team, and with a large community of fans- Irrational had to deliver again. Thankfully with beefed-up graphics, added multiplayer support and another solid storyline filled with classic comic goodness, they came through in heroic fashion."

--- Meredith Levine