E3 Sucks the Life out of the Games Industry

Seriously, it is all E3, all the time and this week not much else really matters. E3 just draws gamers to it and if you are a serious gamer, or work in the industry, either you are there or you wish you were. Having just shipped 3 games, Irrational is actually sitting out this E3 and focusing on, you know, working on games.

So, that's it for this week. Go see Revenge of the Sith if you haven't already because really, I know you want to. I'm off to read the history of the Sith because Ken and I are going tonight and I need some background. This movie better suck because Ken bet Associate Producer Bill Gardner 100 bucks that it would be terrible.

Update: We just got back from the movie and damn you Gardner, you've foiled us again! Ken's 100 bucks poorer...

--- Meredith Levine