Our Mod Communities Completely Rock (and yes, that is actually how I talk)

Our Mod Communities Completely Rock (and yes, that is actually how I talk)

Best wishes to Bill Gardner who is getting married this weekend to Amanda, his hot gamer chick counterpart.

It seems that the mod communities for SWAT and Freedom Force Vs. the 3rd Reich are both really thriving out there in the wide world of the Internet. For SWAT mods check out the community site to see some amazing fan-created SWAT maps and gameplay tweaks. People have done some really great work. In the New Map Releases section I recommend C Block and MP Clear (both by Wurst), which people seem to love. A few maps in the "New Map Previews" section that look promising are Brentwood Reloaded by DeAdMaN, Operation Firefly by SWATDOG, and The Old Prison by Wurst. Clearly this Wurst guy is doing something right. Someone even professed their (non-sexual) love for him on the forums.

There are scores of great Freedom Force mod sites so go check out the forums and I promise they will lead you to mods of just about anything/anyone you could imagine playing as. We have some seriously creative fans and it is really fun to see how people ran with what the team created for both games.

In other news, Ken did an interview with GameCloud in which he discusses the fun filled process of releasing three games in six months. In case it was unclear I would like to highlight the sarcasm in the previous statement.

Also, I was not going to post any reviews this week but this one from Worthplaying was just too good to pass up. I love this review! The author gives SWAT 4 a 9/10 and an Editor's Choice award and has the following brilliant and flawlessly accurate insights:

"Irrational Studios has truly been working magic."

"Irrational Studios has a winner on their hands with SWAT 4. The game offers what may be the best single player experience in the tactical FPS genre and exceptional multiplayer gameplay."

"In terms of quality, SWAT 4 is definitely H?agen-Daaz-grade goodness and certainly not the low cost, low quality store brand."

--- Meredith Levine