That's right, Irrational is looking for help. So check out the postings and send us your resume if you qualify. The Australia office is also hiring. Irrational is a great place and you can wear whatever the hell you want to work. It is a very challenging environment and everyone works really hard but you'll get to work on some amazing projects. Oh, and you must live in or be willing to relocate to Boston or Canberra. Boston is really nice though so it's not like we're asking you to relocate to some sketchy place. I hear Canberra is amazing although I haven't been there yet.

In reviews, (yes, they are still coming out!) RPG Vault's Richard Aihoshi wrote about Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich and well, he liked it. Here's a snippet:

"If you've played any or all of System Shock 2, Freedom Force, Tribes: Vengeance and SWAT 4, you'll be familiar with one of Irrational's defining strengths as a company, which is the quality of the writing in its games."

There is also a brand new review of SWAT 4 on GameAxis. Author Benjamin Fong gives a lovely review and wraps it up with:

"Combining the complexities of a tactical FPS with the simple controls of an arcade shooter and topping it off with gorgeous graphics and addictive multiplayer, Irrational Games have crafted the best SWAT game yet. Daryl F. Gates would be so proud"

For some reason, I don't see Daryl Gates casually showing up at the Irrational office with a six pack and hearty congratulations, but you never know!

--- Meredith Levine