Irrational Moves!

That's right, as of July 5 Irrational Games will be in its shiny new space in Quincy, MA.

Our new information:

Irrational Games
1515 Hancock St., 3rd Floor
Quincy, MA 02169

Tel: 617-657-0799
Fax: 617-657-0538

The new space has more than twice the square footage as well as T access, free parking and a giant deck. So, although I am sad to leave our South Boston school house, the new place has a lot to offer. Hopefully one of the offerings will be no bodies in vacant lots. Since moving to Southie this has happened twice. Twice!

I would like to thank our lovely Operations Manager, Kate Kellogg. Kate has orchestrated this move while kicking butt at the rest of her extremely complicated and time consuming job. The woman literally never sleeps and never, ever complains. She is amazing and we are very lucky to have her.

Happy 4th!

---Meredith Levine