Hot Irrational Team Pic!

So, we?re up and running in our new space. We have so much room, it?s insane. Irrational has traditionally been a very cozy group so this is new. Plus the AC works, which is always a good thing. Working in the Southie space while it was being demolished wasn?t always sunshine and lollipops. We took a final group picture in the old space. A few people are missing but you get the idea:

SWAT is now available to purchase online. So if you are living in a tree house in the jungles of Ecuador and can?t get to an EB (or if you just haven?t gotten around to buying it yet) try Direct2Drive. There is also a free one-hour trial of the game on Gamespot so if you have trouble committing you may want to try the game first.

I was looking around the fan art forum on and there is a ton of amazing stuff in there. Be sure to check out anything by NORVANDELL. He (or she?) has some very creative and original versions of many of the Freedom Force characters. I particularly like this version of Minuteman but all his stuff is great.

---Meredith Levine