SWAT 4 Mod Madness

Irrational Associate Producer Joe Faulstick brought to my attention the huge amount of new content on the (unofficial but very complete) SWAT site 10-David. By the way, although I really like 10-David and it has a lot of fantastic stuff, Irrational is not affiliated with the site. In other words, if you break your computer by downloading any mod I point out to you, Irrational Games can not be held responsible. You do, however, have my sympathy since that would seriously suck.

On that note, 10-David has six new mods up on the site. I hear very good things about Code 11 in particular.

Other recent 10 David goodies include a poll about the release of the patch. Around 86 percent are happy with the patch and as you all know, it?s hard to get 86% of gamers to agree on anything. I don?t mean that in an insulting way. Obviously I?m into the whole gamer thing. So yeah, people like it so congrats to the team. Somehow the thread related to the poll devolved into a lengthy discussion about dingoes: what they are and if they did or did not eat your baby.

Have a good weekend!

--- Meredith Levine